About Ubercheap

I'll admit it.   I'm cheap.    I hate paying full price for anything.   When I find an item that is 50% off, I get excited.   At 75% off I start to feel the adrenaline rush.    At 90% off, I start thinking about the regret I will feel if I don't buy the item.

I started UberCheap.com to help others who share a passion for finding cheap stuff. The premise is simple: list any and all items I can find that are at least 50% off and start by showing the items with the biggest savings.   The items are submitted by users or discovered with search technology.   A simple text search option is available to help you find your favorite items.

Try it out.    Send me your feedback.    I'd love to hear what you would like me to improve.   More importantly, if you find a deal on the web, use our submission form to let others know about it!    Thanks for stopping by.